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Community Clothing is a social enterprise with a mission to sustain and create jobs in the UK textile and garment manufacturing industry, where many of the workforce at risk from the closure of factories are women. Together with Founder Patrick Grant, Lucy has focused on delivering the company’s social impact, collaborating with organisations working with vulnerable women and the long-term unemployed, many of whom live in underprivileged communities. The team at Community Clothing is 75% women, and Lucy is a fierce supporter of working parents, as many of the women in the team at Community Clothing work non-traditional schedules. Passionate about discovering and supporting female talent, Lucy continues to mentor young women who no longer work with or for her, helping them to transition back from career breaks or to move into different industries.  Having successfully returned to work after a career break herself, Lucy is looking to share her experience and promote the voice of working women. Lucy gives talks in schools, regularly speaks on industry trends and the future of work at events including WGSN, AdWeek Europe, and will deliver a forthcoming TEDx talk on Community Clothing’s ethos and ambition in 2018.

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