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Leena led the Diversity and Inclusion agenda at Unilever from 2012 to 2016 as Global Head of D&I, and continues to be involved as a member of the Global Diversity Board. With the vision of getting to gender balance, they put together a comprehensive framework, metrics led governance, and a robust model to drive the recruitment, development and retention of women at Unilever. There are number of programmes which have aided in this aim, by supporting women going through maternity transition, providing agile working and leadership development programmes, and mentoring. They have also introduced balanced slates in recruitment which ensure that they create a level playing field while adhering to the principle of meritocracy. Leena’s personal mission is to “ignite the human spark in everyone to build a better business and a better world”. She has set a target to inspire 1 million women by showing them what is possible when they apply themselves to their dreams. She speaks at every possible opportunity to groups of young women across the world, and drives the participation of Unilever in the HeforShe UN campaign.

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