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Joanne is a Senior Software Development Release Project Manager in IBM UK.  In addition to this role she is the Diversity & Inclusion lead supporting the IBM UK Laboratory’s in the UK & Ireland, where she leads, coordinates and runs many gender related initiatives.   She has played a pivotal role in the organisation, development, delivery and leadership across a number of initiatives and special gender diversity programs, in order to support women’s career and skills advancement in IBM.  She leads many Women in IT events  where the theme was ‘Press for Progress’ – progress in careers, progress in technology and progress in diversity.  She is the co-founder and launched a pilot program to support women with their careers –  Developing Your Technical Career.  Joanne has been a key sponsor of a number of programs at IBM including the UK wide Connecting Women @IBM where she is involved in running events to encourage women to network across the organisation. She is a powerful advocate and role model regularly being a guest speaker or running events for local schools, colleges and universities  to encourage more women through the use of STEM workshops to join the IT industry.

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