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Jim is global co-chair for the Citi Women’s Affinity. In this capacity, he has set a new strategy and direction in order to drive greater gender parity across Citi. The strategy focuses on: hiring, promoting, and retaining more women; creating an inclusive work environment; leveraging Citi’s diversity of thought to drive value for clients; and embedding the value of diversity into business practices. Jim has been instrumental in driving this change for all employees and firmly communicating to senior leaders that they are accountable for achieving gender results. The focus has included initiatives such as implicit bias education and tools, actions around male advocacy and engagement, and reverse mentoring, all underpinned by a strong communications strategy which Jim is personally involved in. He was instrumental in Citi’s signing of the UK Women in Finance Charter, which sets a target of at least 30% of women in senior roles by 2025. Jim regularly lends his voice to an external audience via leading media outlets pushing the agenda of gender parity. He has also contributed to the Financial Times diversity series discussing a variety of topics in the gender diversity space.

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