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Jennifer has long recognised the need for equal opportunity, especially when it comes to entrepreneurship. She launched Girl Brands Do It Better (GBDIB), a Berlin Cameron division, to empower female entrepreneurs through connections and creativity. GBDIB touts Chromat, The Other Festival and Kidfund amongst its impressive roster. In addition to GBDIB, Jen instituted “Side Hustle Days”, where employees are allowed one additional PTO day per month to work on their passion projects. Once a quarter, the agency discusses potential collaborations, and some staffers’ brands have even made their way to GBDIB. While many leaders shy away from “vulnerability”, Jennifer spearheaded industry-shifting research this year on workplace standards and found that 96% of respondents feel that they learn more from a leader who shows vulnerability than from one who doesn’t. She is a frequent thought leader, appearing on stage at the Women’s Convention, Cannes Lions, Advertising Week and more, as well as in print in outlets like The Huffington Post and Adweek. Jennifer sits on the boards of advisors for the National Kidney Foundation and global leadership development initiative Girl Up. Through Girl Up, she’s been able to directly encourage young girls to take action and empower each other.

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