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As Co-Chair of the Global Inclusive Leadership Council (GILC), Jennifer drives the group’s efforts to provide advice, recommendations and accountability for I&D strategy and actions at Aon plc. Her achievements in the role have included the formation of a new Aon plc sub-committee to the board for I&D, which she now regularly reports to, and the launch of a global ‘I&D Scorecard’ which has clear goals for gender diversity and is linked to leadership renumeration. Part of Jennifer’s work with the board sub-committee led to the recent announcement of a 50:50 gender balance within the Aon Executive Committee. She has also worked hard to ensure that female representation on her leadership team is higher than average, and she remains connected with Aon’s Business Resource Groups in order to drive equity at all levels of the firm, not just at senior leadership. Over recent years she has mentored a number of female colleagues and clients.