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Jane promotes accessibility issues in all areas, including with a gender lens. She believes we need 360-degree insight into accessibility issues, which has been particularly relevant during Covid. Jane designed Covid19 alert cards, free, as all the main charities were in lockdown and unable to help. They now sit on the DHSC. Also online cards so women could be fully included in virtual meetings by offering different means of communicating. Jane founded and Chairs the multi award winning charitable social enterprise and chronic ill/disability group mainly for all women, plus theAutismConnected for autistic/neurodivergent adult women and non-binary, who have historically been left out of any support or belief. The first autistic Trustee for the Social Care Institute for Excellence, sits on the DEI Gender Equality, Diversity Steering and co-production group. Recently, CoChair for the National Institute of Health research, policy lead for autism health training medical students, leads the content on the new hypermobility SchoolToolkit UK and oversees health strategies.