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Dominic is the overall executive sponsor of Aon Business Resource Groups, including the Women’s International Network, and the lead of the Diversity Council. He encourages managers to recognise the necessity of diverse management approaches, and promote a culture of inclusiveness. As part of the Sponsorship Programme which champions the careers of high potential female talent, he mentors three senior females on a regular basis. In November 2016 Aon hosted a HeForShe event with high profile speakers, and at that event Dominic made his personal HeForShe Pledge to speak at a school/university/college once a month on gender equality. He has hosted a dinner at Aon for the Insurance Supper Club, a body of senior females in the insurance industry, and also hosted an event for Philanthropy Impact to encourage investment in women’s charities and causes. Outside Aon, he is the chairman of Inclusion@Lloyds, and was instrumental in the launch of the DiveIn Festival – an annual celebration of diversity which, in 2016, saw 66 events take place in 10 countries. Last year he was President of the Institute of London and spoke at Mansion House to 400 high profile city figures on the importance of gender inclusion in the City of London.