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Always hugely passionate and supporter of the value of the diversity at every strand, Claudia serves as sponsor many initiatives and programmes and has participated to mentorship projects to support female and young talent. She is the founder of Breakfast@Linklaters, an important female business community in the country and the Italian Ambassador of Inspiring Girls, a project launched in Italy with the Ministry of Education. As Special Friend of UNHCR in Italy, she is supporting the campaign for the instruction of refugees focusing on young women. In the past she was President of Valore D, the largest Italian association of companies for gender inclusion. In 2020 Claudia published with Il Sole24Ore the book “Meravigliose. Tour guidato all’interno di noi stesse” dedicated to gender issues, young women and talent. In 2022, she has been appointed as Chair of the Italian Stock Exchange, the first woman to take this position.