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Christopher is the group sponsor of Aviva Balance, which focuses on gender diversity and promotes opportunities for women across the group. He is a mentor to several senior executive women at Aviva, actively sponsors Aviva’s global leadership development program for women and spends time with students to help them understand career choices across gender boundaries.. He is also a vocal advocate of “inclusive diversity”, across all dimensions of identity, which vary across the multiple geographies in which Aviva operates. Through corporate participation and personal sponsorships, he has influenced corporates, think tanks and interest groups on the importance of diverse workforces. Externally, Christopher has spoken at multiple industry and business events on the importance of inclusive diversity and how it impacts business favourably, and has published articles on the topic on LinkedIn. He sponsors the “Woman Leader of the Year” at the Asia Insurance Industry Awards, a new category for 2018, and was named“Personality of the Year” at the 2017 Asia insurance Industry Awards.

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