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Caroline chairs the AXA Balance Employee Network, which focuses on gender equality supporting and working families. In 2021, the network released a flexible working hub designed to help employees understand what flexible working arrangements were available; to normalise taking advantage of them; to empower employees to start conversations with managers; and to escalate issues. Caroline also supported the creation and launch of a Women’s Wellbeing Hub, to allow men and women across the organisation to understand and engage with the issues faced by women in the workplace, and to provide a supportive resource for women. A ‘People Like Me’ vlog series was also created, spotlighting those living the life they choose and not letting prejudice, stereotypes or perceived shortcomings prevent them from achieving their goals. Later this year, the domestic abuse policy and hub that Caroline has helped to design will go live, with the aim of helping employees to normalise conversations and create a safe environment for anyone suffering.