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As co-founder of the intersectionality workstream at the Diversity project, Member of the Inclusion Steering Committee at Aviva Investors, Mentor to women, Apiramy consistently and tirelessly works to drive DEI within the company and the industry. She challenges outdated business practises to contribute to creating a more gender-balanced company. She drives discussions on how Aviva can create a culture of belonging for all to thrive and has helped implement Inclusive leadership approaches within organisations to focus on getting middle managers on the inclusion journey to flex their management style to the individual in their teams. Apiramy’s goal is to create a culture of “add,” not “fit,” and a leadership team and style that has, at its core, empathy and curiosity for its employees. She is keen to inspire the next generation into work, pass on the knowledge to navigate the industry, and empower others with the soft skills required to succeed.