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Amanda is passionate about driving gender equality in the workplace and has introduced a number of initiatives, both as CEO of AXA UK & Ireland and in her most recent role as CEO of Zurich EMEA. When recruiting for senior leadership positions, gender-neutral language is embedded into job descriptions, candidate lists for senior management positions are gender balanced, coaching is offered on presentation and interview techniques and targets are set for increasing female representation in senior positions.  To share first hand experiences with others, she talks of frequently being the only woman in the boardroom, holding open-mic sessions with women in business and writing online blogs about balancing being a CEO with having a family. Amanda also often uses her own network to advocate women for roles in other organisations which helps to develop careers and ensures barriers to women’s progression are tackled. Amanda signed the Women in Finance Charter for Axa UK and became one of the global executive sponsors of the Zurich Women’s Innovation Network. Externally, Amanda was the first female Chair of the Association of British Insurers, the first female Chair of The Insurance Fraud Bureau and the second female President of the Chartered Insurance Institute. As Chair of the ABI she supported the September 2018 ABI Gender Report which identified tangible actions to ensure women’s career progression. She has taken part in the House of Commons’ Treasury Select Committee on Women in Finance and regularly speaks at industry events and to the press to raise awareness and act as a catalyst for change. Amanda is also involved with ‘Speakers for Schools’; a non-profit aiming to “end educational inequality by giving young people access to the same prestigious networks available to the top fee-paying schools.” She chooses to try and make a difference at schools located close to her family roots in the Rhondda Valley in Wales.

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