Tamara Makoni

Senior Communications Specialist

As a volunteer member of the Panel & Proposal Promise team at Deloitte, Tamara pushed for all panels and teams to have at least 40% women, 40% men and 20% people from underrepresented groups. For one of the team’s events, Tamara created promotional text and materials and developed the event flow and content, including putting together questions and discussion points for panelists. She also created 'How to' guides, highlighting everyday inclusion actions. Another of Tamara’s D&I efforts this year has been voluntarily delivering Inclusive Leadership labs to senior leaders, involving over 100 attendees to date. During these labs she shares proven approaches to increase gender diversity and inclusion, giving participants time to reflect, share stories and create action plans, and sharing insights with trainers from other geographies so that they can run their own local labs. Since 2018, Tamara has also been leading the public speaking training initiative she co-founded, offering special programs tailored to female colleagues