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Alongside being COO of HSBC China, Terecina established the BALANCE network in 2018 to drive gender diversity and support the recruitment, development and engagement of a gender-balanced workforce. Through the network, Terecina organised a series of themed events, inviting keynote speakers and panellists from internal senior executives and external advocates. She has facilitated knowledge exchange sessions with high potential female talent and mentors colleagues from around the world. As of May 2019, the percentage of women in senior leadership positions at HSBC China has reached 46%. Beyond HSBC, Terecina has participated in corporate sustainability activities, with a focus on equipping underprivileged women and teachers with financial management knowledge and supporting the learning and growth of local women and children in underprivileged locations. She is passionate about equipping these groups with knowledge to increase their competitiveness in cities, and leads a donation of computers to remote parts of China to aid education. She also works with external professional women’s communities, participating in and speaking at events aimed at bringing about balance in the workplace.

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