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Passionate about creating opportunities for women, evolving inclusion in tech is a key priority for Tanuja. At AWS, she has sponsored empowerment initiatives such as Leadership Circles, a monthly open forum focused on learning and development. She is a member of the AWS ID&E advisory board and championed the Inclusion Ambassador program – active change agents across genders. She is an avid GetIT advocate, an AWS program for young students especially girls to encourage them into tech and re/Start which started in the UK and is a free 12 week classroom training program for unemployed and underemployed individuals. In 2013, Tanuja founded PowerWomen Network, a peer-to-peer network of 150 C-level women across sectors and functions focused on building the next generation of female talent. She also hosts a podcast called PowerWomenSpeak, where she has conversations with senior female leaders. More recently, she started the Next Gen Power Women network, a group of high potential women who are actively mentored by PowerWomen members.