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Sigga has passionately tied the innovation agenda of the bank to the diversity and inclusion ambitions, linking innovation and business results to a more diverse workforce. She is UK Executive Sponsor for the Global Santander D&I Council and, having completed Santander UK’s unconscious bias training, over 50 of her immediate team have also completed the workshop. Her role on the global diversity and inclusion steering committee sees her influence and challenge her peers and the wider leadership teams on raising awareness of all diversity challenges, including gender parity at senior levels. Beyond Sigga’s contribution at steering committees, she regularly identifies opportunities and leads best practice for Santander UK. Externally, she has championed mentoring circles, regional events, round table discussions and outreach to other organisations to create a culture of learning and best practice sharing. Sigga’s drive to address diverse and female talent within workplaces is not restrictive to just Santander UK, and she also champions diversity at industry events and sits on the Business in the Community Race Equality Board. She regularly attends external speaker events/talks/discussion, and as a speaker, about diversity in the workplace.

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