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At Accenture’s Advanced Technology Centres in India (ATCI), Shubha leads the Returning Mothers Program, the Parents@Work and the relationship. She enabled 1400+ women to jumpstart their second-innings at work with mentorship, training and staffing support. Shubha ensures that new mothers are offered technology roles with customized learning, re-skilling and growth opportunities. She focused her efforts to retain/re-staff returning mothers, leading to a drop in attrition. Additionally, she launched the ‘I-for-Inclusion’ campaign, engaging 30,000 employees and their children during the pandemic. Shubha is the ACTI relationship lead and has established chapters in Hyderabad, Delhi, Pune, and Chennai. She jointly led the I&D Council for a global Consumer Goods client, driving conversations across countries. Shubha leads technology delivery for APAC clients. She started her career in an electrical power plant where she was the only woman on the shop floor. Since then Shubha has been relentlessly advocating to make workplaces better for women.

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