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Shelina takes an active role in organisational events, those both directly related to women as well as more general events, in order to ensure there is an upfront presence of women demonstrating leadership, insight and confidence, and is one of the most referenced spokespeople at Ogilvy in the media. She has written for the Guardian about her experiences as an ethnic minority at Ogilvy, and represented the company at their International Women’s Day event last year. Shelina is part of the Roots diversity group within Ogilvy, and is on the steering committee for WPP Roots, as well as sitting on WPP’s Inclusion board and Ogilvy’s Inclusion board. A visible role model, Shelina works to informally mentor upcoming women through the organisation, sharing her own experiences of developing a flexible parent-friendly career. She has pushed for change at her company to accommodate flexible working, and insisted that her daughters travelled with her for business when they were young. Externally, Shelina has written for numerous publications and appeared in TV and radio to highlight the challenges facing women in business, and to encourage women to step into new spaces, especially in the various sectors of the creative economy. She has served as a D&AD New Blood Award Judge and is working with the BFI to tackle the structural challenges for Muslim women in the industry. She has judged the Young Muslim Writers Awards and written two books about Muslim Women’s experiences and representation, Love in a Headscarf and Generation M.

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