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Throughout her career Sharon has championed D&I across all levels and industries, and has long advocated for Deloitte’s ambition to achieve higher representation of women in leadership globally. In 2019 she launched an internal sponsorship initiative designed to give women the experience, exposure, and advocacy needed to accelerate their careers, and in 2020, she increased the representation of women on the Deloitte Global Board to 33%. Sharon recently convened a group of senior women Chairs and Executives to share best practice and further the representation of women in leadership across industries. During her tenure as Deloitte UK’s Talent Partner, she established a number of diversity networks including the Gender Balance network. Sharon speaks openly about her experiences with imposter syndrome, and she mentors several future women leaders. She is a member of the 30% Club, the A4S Advisory Council, the Social Progress Imperative Board of Directors, and the WEF Stewardship Board for the Future of Equality and Inclusion.

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