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Sharon has always strived to recruit diverse teams, with her current team at Linkedin in Dublin being 50/50 male/female balanced. She mentors up to 20 people at any one time, men and women, and encourages diversity by supporting both men and women succeed equally. She also advocates and sponsors women as part of the internal promotions process, as a result of sitting on the European and global leadership teams, to ensure they are not only recruiting but promoting women. External to her role, Sharon is also the executive sponsor and external spokesperson for a Linkedin initiative to recruit people who are relaunching their careers after taking time out to care for children or parents. It is a pilot program in Ireland in 2018, with hopes of a global launch later. As part of the external launch campaign she is encouraging other companies to look at this untapped and talented talent pool. She has also worked to change the board composition of the American chamber of commerce from 2 females and 10 males to 6 female and 6 male, while improving all the chamber operating and strategic objectives.

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