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Sanjeev has mentored dozens of women across all levels at BlackRock, as well as sponsoring emerging talent to ensure they receive the exposure and visibility they deserve at appropriate leadership forums.  He champions participation by male colleagues in BlackRock WIN events to gain broader perspectives from female participants.  In partnership with HR, He has led by example, on both recruitment and promotion processes to ensure diverse slates with women candidates and diverse interview panels, as well as data and facts driven promotion decisions that meet our principles and  free of bias. As a technologist, Sanjeev has championed and supported women technologists in APAC Hackathon events. He is also the Inclusion and Diversity Executive Committee Sponsor for Technology and Operations in APAC and founded the Singapore chapter of Forum for Asset Manager ecosystem (FAME) with industry partners equally passionate about  Sharing,  Learning & Development of Talent across all levels  , where he promotes and encourages women leadership and participation.

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