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Samantha is the Founder and a current Board Member of the Morson Group’s Diversity Champions. The group continues their #gendersnobarrier campaign, and has formalised a partnership with the Northern Power Women. The Morson Group Diversity Champions support The Girls’ Network with strategic support and events which have included a rail industry experience day. Samantha has supported the Morson Group in the initiation of a series of reverse mentoring sessions for directors from Morson’s population of future women leaders. As a co-founder of the Women Leaders in Transport Network and helping to formalise a partnership with Women in Rail, sponsoring its Big Rail Diversity Challenge she has formalised the Morson Group’s outward facing gender inclusion programme within the rail industry. Additionally, across the Group’s strategic client portfolio she works with each organisation to understand their current inclusion practices and to provide a diversity improvement road map for the group’s service to them.

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