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Sam and Dee operated a job share arrangement as Head of Content Planning, Digital Communications & Employer Brand, within HSBC’s Global Communications function. Having both successfully worked for many years in an ambitious team at HSBC, Sam and Dee became mothers and decided to enter a professional job sharing arrangement in order to be successful employees and the best possible carers for their children. To overcome the challenges of job sharing, Dee and Sam sought out other flexible working colleagues, a large but invisible community. Over 600 colleagues responded, with over 90% expressing an interest in joining a flexible working network to promote and raise the visibility of the issue inside of HSBC UK; giving rise to HSBC Flex. Since its inception, HSBC Flex has amassed over 1,300 members, gained senior sponsorship at Group Management Board level and recruited a team of champions to lead its events and activities. Externally, Sam is the Communications Consultant to Leaders Plus, who run a fellowship programme designed to support leaders with babies to progress in their careers and to tackle one of the root-causes of the gender pay gap. She gained backing from HSBC for any member of Communications interested in participating. Now as they approach their second year of the programme, HSBC has also offered mentors to the programme to help support mothers develop in their leadership careers.

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