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During his tenure leading State Street’s asset management arm, State Street Global Advisors, Ron’s stewardship team focused on gender diversity on boards, following research linking gender diversity to better business outcomes. In 2017 Ron and his team called on boards to ensure they were focusing on gender diversity as a reflection of board quality and overall cognitive diversity. They committed to voting against the member slates of those boards that had no women and no plan in place to add women. On the eve of International Women’s Day in 2017, Ron’s team placed the Fearless Girl statue in the centre of Wall Street as a symbolic call for more women on boards. Fearless Girl ignited a global conversation about the power of women in leadership and inspired companies around the world to add women to their boards. Since launching the campaign, 445 companies of the 1,265 identified have responded to the call to action by either adding a female director or committing to do so. As the CEO of State Street, Ron continues to be laser-focused on gender diversity, introducing company-wide diversity goals and comprehensively diverse talent slates, among other initiatives. Externally, Ron is a frequent speaker at important corporate governance/gender diversity events, and is a member of the 30% Club and the Boston Foundation Board of Directors.

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