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From November 2019, Rocio is participating in the Fujitsu Radar program, a year-long Program designed to learn tech streams and find future leaders. Through it, Rocio has volunteered with Fujitsu’s D&I group and has participated in a #IamRemarkable workshop in partnership with Google. In April, Rocio became a certified #IamRemarkable facilitator, and carries out these workshops to demonstrate empowerment, finding satisfaction in seeing others benefit and more proactively seek out career development opportunities. Rocio’s #IamRemarkable sessions are fully inclusive, exposing the many struggles women and other underrepresented groups face in business on a daily basis. The initiative aims to give a voice to women and minority groups to talk about their achievements with pride. Furthermore, Rocio is being among the top positions in the Radar Program every month so far. Additionally, she just has started studying a degree at university to keep motivated herself outside the company as well.

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