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Rana is a former member of the Board of Directors, and sits on the regional Executive Committee of Deloitte in the Middle East. She leads a women advancement program (DRAW- Deloitte Retention and Advancement of Women), frequently profiled by global diversity leaders as a best practice in building an inclusive culture and accelerating gender diversity. Externally, Rana is active in championing economic and political participation of women in Arab countries. Rana serves on the advisory boards of organizations such as Reach (Mentoring NGO for women in finance registered in the Dubai International Financial Centre) and the 30% Club – GCC. She is also on the Executive Board of the National Commission for Lebanese Women, and the Middle East Advisory Board of the American University of Beirut’s OSB Business School. Rana has spoken at a wide number of international events, and was invited by UN Women to participate in the Consultation Workshop the Union for the Mediterranean Headquarters in Spain for a “flagship” project in the MENA region. She was then invited to participate as a speaker in the UfM-UNIDO Women Entrepreneurs’ Forum: ‘Promoting Women Business Partnership in the Mediterranean’ as part of the “Women for Mediterranean” Conference in Portugal in October 2018. 

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