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Nicola’s efforts to drive gender equality at National Grid include progressing women into senior roles, including our Electricity division, where women now outnumber men on the executive team. She is an advocate of the Women in National Grid Employee Resource Group, and has championed initiatives including Strategies for Success, a development program helping women navigate the unwritten rules in business, managing the political landscape and maximizing career success; and Lean-In circles where women collaborate to share experiences. In addition, Nicola encourages regular dialog between ERGs and the Executive, participates in diversity lunches to hear directly from women on the challenges of working at National Grid, and is a role model in storytelling sessions for Women’s History Month and International Women’s Day. Nicola also mentors senior and middle ranking women within the energy and rail industry, and in the police, and also appears regularly on discussion panels and at conferences discussing the merits of diversity, equality and inclusion in the workplace.