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For three years (2017-19), Melisa chaired the BALANCE network at HSBC Argentina, engaging over 100 colleagues to drive change towards a gender-balanced, inclusive and equitable workplace. As well, Melisa is Co-Founder of HSBC’s Mujeres al Mundo (MAM), a program aimed at accelerating women’s economic inclusion and empowerment by way of providing training, networking, mentoring and financial services to female customers. For MAM, Melisa has trained over 100 relationship managers and developed a network of 30 women ambassadors to embed gender perspective in business positions. Up to date, over 2,000 businesswomen and entrepreneurs already signed up as part of MAM community, from which they have free access to an online training program of 21 masterclasses on key business topics, along with mentoring days and networking meetings. Also, from March’21 to date, as part of MAM financial proposal, HSBC disbursed USD 40 million, with lower interest rates, to boost female-owned commercial projects. MAM is certainly changing the way we talk about gender across the financial system.