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Melanie is KPMG’s senior sponsor for inclusion and diversity, and lead of KPMG’s Senior Business Women Network. Under Melanie’s direction, KPMG took the ‘industry first’ step of publishing a detailed diversity profile of KPMG’s workforce, looking at all under-represented groups. Her ambition of holding her own organisation publically to account sent a strong signal both inside the firm and outside in the market as to how important this issue is. Melanie has been instrumental in establishing KPMG’s Inclusive Leadership Board and invited three leading diversity experts, Tanni Grey-Thompson, John Amaechi and Nicolas Miller, to join. She has championed KPMG’s ‘Return to Work’ programme, designed for women who have taken a career break of 18 months or more, and sponsors ‘GROW’ – KPMG’s 360-degree leadership development programme, designed to advance minority groups, including women, to senior positions in the organisation. She has personally supported, mentored and coached countless women at all organisational levels, both within and outside the firm. Melanie is one of the founding members of the 30% Club Steering Committee, and has facilitated a variety of research projects into women in the workplace. Melanie is joint Vice-Chair of The Eve Appeal and a member of the Harvard Women’s Leadership Board.