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Melanie works with her fellow board members to drive KPMG’s strategic direction and works alongside KPMG’s highest-profile clients and key stakeholders, including regulators, industry bodies and the public sector. She has personally driven a wide range of programmes designed to advance inclusion in the workplace. Melanie chairs KPMG’s Inclusive Leadership Board (ILB), which includes external representation and provides a check and challenge to the executive teams and works to ensure that the firm embeds inclusion and diversity into its strategy. She is the senior sponsor for ‘GROW’ – KPMG’s award-winning leadership development programme, designed to advance minority groups, including women, to senior positions. In addition, Melanie continues to mentor women both within and outside the firm, sharing her knowledge and helping them to build their networks and progress their careers. Externally, she has driven KPMG’s Senior Business Women Network for over 10 years – a market-leading group of successful women who gather frequently to discuss business issues and build networks. Melanie is one of the founding members of the 30% Club Steering Committee, and member of the Hampton-Alexander Review steering committee. Melanie uses her platform as a business leader to make equality a reality not just within KPMG, but across society more broadly too.

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