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At Cossette, Mélanie encourages her team to embrace everyone’s natural leadership style and works hard to advocate for women’s empowerment. As a result, women hold 47% of senior and 45% of management roles in the agency. Mélanie reinforces the importance of D&I at every occasion, from within the executive team to meetings with all staff. She has also made diversity training mandatory for every leader across the country. As a member of the executive team of Vision7 International, a global agency network, and its Diversity, Individuality and Inclusion (D&I2) committee sponsor, Mélanie has championed the roll-out of a D&I2 benchmarking survey that enables network agencies to track the evolution of their team makeup over time. Externally, Mélanie has shared her views on changing the way we understand leadership qualities in Canada’s leading newspapers, on panels, and in a book called ‘Your Turn: Powerful Thoughts from Today’s Women to the Next’ which compiled advice from 150 of Canada’s leading women to those of tomorrow.

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