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Mel began her role at Wunderman Thompson by recruiting female talent, and she now proudly leads a gender-balanced Executive Committee. Not only is Wunderman Thompson the only major marketing agency with women in the global CEO, CFO, CMO, and IE&D Officer positions, it is also the first global network to launch an Inclusive Experience Practice, the aim of bringing inclusive design and accessibility to the marketing landscape. Wunderman Thompson also launched the WT Inspire initiative, including a diagnostic tool, the Inspire Score, which ranks the top 100 inspiring brands in the world today. In 2020, further cementing Wunderman Thompson’s commitment to inclusion and diversity efforts, Mel hired Ezinne Okoro as Global Chief Inclusion, Equity & Diversity Officer. The same year saw her speak to Meio se Mensagem, a leading Brazilian advertising and media publication, on the network’s actions for diversity.