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Having always been an advocate for gender equality, including being the co-founder of Salesforce Women’s Network (the Company’s first ERG), Marilyn recently shifted her DEI focus to address the challenges and struggles faced in the workplace by those who identify as belonging to more than one underrepresented group. Over the last two years she has started shining a spotlight on intersectionality in one-on-one discussions with Executive Leaders at Salesforce, helping them understand the importance of having representation up and down the organization beyond just gender. In light of recent events, Marilyn has shared her experiences of anti-Asian hate as an Asian American woman through company-wide meetings and external events. Both in and outside of Salesforce, Marilyn serves as a mentor and coach to several individuals each year, including former direct reports, and she is often contacted via her social network to share her career journey and to guide women on how to navigate their own career changes.