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Kim seeks to promote diversity and inclusion in all her work, alongside clients, collaborators and contributing parties, as well as amongst her team and fellow employees. Her work as a leader, mentor, hiring manager and volunteer in this respect saw her achieve a ‘Women of the Future’ award in 2018. Kim has extensive experience in the mental health arena, in particular working with journalist Bryony Gordon at the Telegraph, creating three series of a hugely popular podcast which attempted to break down the stigma attached to mental health. Kim now hosts the Women of the Future podcast, featuring alumni from the Women of the Future Program. Her intention is that these women’s stories will allow the audience to gain insight to aid them on their own paths. Her children’s book ‘Townie Spider’ published in 2019, and was named in the ‘Top 7 Books for Children’s Mental Health’ by Motherdom, a magazine for parental mental wellbeing.

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