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Juliana is a lawyer at Mattos Filho, Veiga Filho, Marrey Jr e Quiroga Advogados, an international Law Firm based in Brazil, and part of 4Women, a group that works to boost gender equity and promote women to leadership positions through training, mentoring, and the creation of an increasingly strong and welcoming professional network. In 2016, the 4Women program was named by Chambers and Partners as ‘Best Gender Diversity Initiative’ and in 2019, the same program was recognized by Valor Econômico and Women in Leadership Latin America (WILL) in the ‘Women in Leadership’ category. Juliana is involved in several pro bono initiatives offered by the firm to feminist and women’s organizations in Brazil, such as Instituto Alziras, Instituto AzMina, Me Too Brasil (that is starting in Brazil), Reprograma, Mulher em Construção, Mães na Luta, LeME (Leite Materno na Escola), DIVAM (Debates Integrados pela Valorização e Atendimento das Mulheres), Empodera and Coletivo O Berço. All these projects are focused on women’s rights or offered to vulnerable women. Among them, Juliana contribution to the creation of Casa Sueli Carneiro should be highlighted, since it is an important institution that honors Sueli’s black feminist activism.