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Julia founded the social enterprise Gaia Innovation to inspire young people from less affluent backgrounds to aim higher and to equip themselves with the skills to escape the poverty trap of low skilled insecure employment. She employs women through spotting their potential and their transferable skills rather than relying on evidence of past performance or specific job experience, and trains and encourages them to believe in themselves and their abilities. She achieves a high level of productivity and employee engagement in the business through flexible and agile working, and her team are women returners with caring responsibilities who are trusted to fit their work around these responsibilities and deliver high quality output. Gaia Innovation runs the Inspiration for Innovation programme that is free of charge to state schools and funded by employers, universities or altruistic donors. Within the programme, they facilitate meaningful interactions between female students and employers in male dominated sectors such as automotive, engineering and technology in order to raise the students’ awareness of all the opportunities available to them. Externally, Julia is also an adviser to The 5% Club, a steering committee member of the 30% Club, and founder of the UK Automotive 30% Club.

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