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As CEO Jayne-Anne has taken executive sponsorship for gender balance at Virgin Money. Under her leadership they have publically committed to achieving a 50:50 gender balance by 2020 at all levels in the company, and to closing their gender pay gap. She has made diversity and inclusion a key strategic priority for the company. Internally she brings the topic to life through sharing examples in her weekly all colleague email, regularly talking about the topic at colleague gatherings and recognises D&I achievements in their EBO stars awards. The Jayne-Anne sponsored gender equality plan at Virgin Money is based on progressing the top three findings to achieving gender equality identified through extensive research during the ‘Women in Finance’ review. Externally, Jayne Anne was asked by HM Treasury to lead a review into the lack of female representation in senior roles in the financial services industry. The resulting ‘Women In Finance Review’, published in March 2016, recommended setting/publishing targets, aligning remuneration to achieving those targets, and ensuring senior sponsorship. Since publication, she has been appointed the Government’s business champion for gender equality, speaking extensively about the importance of gender equality in business. In July 2018, HM Treasury announced that since publication of the ‘Women In Finance Review’, a further 68 firms have signed the Women in Finance Charter, taking the total number to 273 firms across the financial services sector and covering over 760,000 UK financial services employees.

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