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Janet’s work encompasses all aspects of enabling women to achieve their full potential, from women on shortlists to agile working and action on domestic violence. She worked with the CEO to set the first FTSE 100 target for women in senior management (40% by 2020), and is a regular speaker at Lloyds’ Women’s Breakthrough Network, the largest in the FTSE. She mentors four women and has established a ground breaking internal programme to propel the careers of high potential women, tackling issues such as authentic leadership and creating aspirational role models. As a Camden Councillor Janet was heavily involved in equalities issues including the rights of women in employment, housing and education. She has been involved for 20 years with the Camden School for Girls, founded by Suffragettes in 1871, pioneering the drive for girls’ education. The school straightforwardly shows girls what they are capable of achieving and equips them with the skills to get there. She has chaired the governing body for the past five years, having previously chaired the finance committee. She is also a regular contributor to events organised by EY, KPMG, Egon Zehnder and others to promote the role of women in the workplace.