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Gunjan is currently leading a Diversity & Women Retention initiative for Software & Platform client businesses under Accenture India Operations. Her efforts in this role include creating Location Wise Women Retention Champions, to strengthen women’s engagement networks and activities and to engage with high potential women employees expressing their desire to quit; launching a Women Retention Roadmap across all India sites; and creating business-wide visibility around weekly, monthly and year-to-date Diversity and Women Attrition Gap numbers to further create awareness and develop mitigation plans. She has also been engaging with Internal Staffing Teams to find alternate career opportunities for female employees quitting due to relocation or the nature of their work. The other programs Gunjan has driven forward include a mentorship program, a platform to support women employees to speak about their challenges and seek help, and a Women Centric Engagement Survey to empower females employees to voice out their opinions about their experience at work.