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As CEO of LAM’s business in the Middle East, Farah internally connected Lazard asset management (LAM) to the 30% Club in the UK, US, Australia & Singapore to launch diversity initiatives. Subsequently, LAM hosted the 30% Club US mentoring program in 2016, and Farah has actively mentored women at LAM in US, UK, Australia, China and Middle East. She recommended an amendment to the LAM HR handbook in Middle East to enhance maternity leave, in line with global standards, and has enrolled all female staff and senior male directors in a regional mentoring program (Reach). Externally, Farah co-founded Reach, which has mentored over 300 professional women in the UAE, Lebanon, Bahrain & Saudi Arabia since launch in 2013. She also co-founded the 30% Club GCC in 2015 and currently chairs steering committee, with over 150 member firms.

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