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As one of the first two women in Ireland to qualify as actuaries, Evelyn has always supported and encouraged women to take on new challenges in their careers. She believes that championing the importance of diversity and inclusion in the workplace makes huge business sense. Evelyn is proud of the fact that Bupa currently has 50% female representation on its Board, and 41% of its executive team is female, and says it is her personal mission to ensure talented women continue to take on key roles across Bupa. During her time as Bupa’s Group CEO, the company has signed the UK HM Treasury’s Women in Finance Charter and joined The 30% Club. In 2017, Evelyn hosted the annual International Women’s Forum Jean Denton Lecture at Bupa, bringing together high-profile speakers to discuss the challenges and opportunities for women in the workplace. Externally, Evelyn spent two years as a Non-Executive Director of Opportunity Now, and she regularly speaks at events which support women in their careers, including delivering a speech at The Pipeline: Top Flight, an executive leadership programme, founded by Baroness McDonagh, designed to help women with potential to take the final difficult step to Executive Committee and CEO roles.

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