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Efe is Vice President and Assistant General Counsel at JP Morgan. In addition to her role as in-house counsel, she’s involved in the company’s diversity and inclusion efforts that have resulted in hiring and retaining diverse talents. Her passion for inclusiveness transcends her day job. Efe is also the Founder of ImpactHER, a non-profit that cultivates environments within which African female-led small businesses not only survive but thrive. Under her leadership, ImpactHER has provided pro bono business advisory support and directly trained 46,806 African women entrepreneurs from 53 African countries, connected them with investors, and converted 16,432 non-technologically enabled businesses to technologically enabled businesses. Her work not only helped African women-led businesses from permanent shutdown during the covid shutdowns but is also actively changing the narrative of disenfranchised female business owners on the Continent; allowing women to crash through glass ceilings and re-define the face of successful entrepreneurs in Africa.