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David is the CEO of Bridgewater Associates and has spearheaded the firm’s Diversity and Inclusion initiative as a top priority since 2017. David appointed Bridgewater’s first Chief Diversity Officer and full-time team, reporting directly to him. Under David’s leadership, the firm instituted pay equity reviews; launched affinity networks, including the Women’s Influence Network; implemented equal parental leave; publicly released representation and pay equity data; ensured gender representation was a key consideration in designing a new governance structure; and increased the number of women in senior leadership. Throughout David’s career the advancement of women has been deeply personal to him – as a public servant focused on getting the best out of his team, as a business executive responsible for developing the next generation of leaders, and as a father of six daughters with his wife Dina Powell McCormick. David is a graduate of the United States Military Academy, has a Ph.D. from Princeton, and is a veteran of the First Gulf War.