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Serving as the first woman Deutsche Bank Management Board Member, and first woman CEO of DB Americas, Christiana was named one of “Ten People Set to Shape Wall Street in 2020” by the Financial Times in 2020. Committed to driving inclusion in the workplace and beyond, in her role at Deutsche Bank she has worked to entrench equal parental leave and has set and achieved gender equality objectives for its US headquarters. As a member of the Partnership for New York City, Christiana spearheaded work on Covid’s impact on diverse communities. As a Board Director for DB Americas Foundation, Christiana supports various initiatives aimed to promote and elevate women in society including through partnerships with the nonprofits Hot Bread Kitchen, The Young Women’s Leadership Schools, and the Center for Women’s History. Serving as the first woman CEO in the company’s 150 year history, she has added to study on women in leadership under the direction of McKinsey and Oliver Wyman.

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