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Charlotte is an active role model in business, advocating for better inclusion of women at all levels across the business. She has been involved in numerous events aiming to challenge assumptions, prejudices and biases about women. She hosted a Leadership Forum in Europe, bringing women from different organisations together to inspire and learn from one another, leading to the creation of a network. Charlotte is co-lead for Visa’s global Gender Inclusion Council, focusing on accelerating progress around inclusion and representation of women. Initiatives include mandatory diverse candidate slates for recruitment. She has committed all European managers at Visa to complete Inclusive Leadership Training this year, raising awareness around barriers to inclusion. Recently, Charlotte has strongly advocated for the creation of part-time roles and flexible working initiatives. Externally she supports NowTeach, an organisation that exists to help career-changers who’ve already made a success of one profession to retrain as teachers.  She is a regular speaker at events to champion women in business, including to external networks such as the Mentoring Foundation, Adelaide Group and Women in Finance in the UK and Europe. She is a vocal advocate for women in FinTech, passionate that Visa should take the lead developing more female leadership talent in the payments sector.

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