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Catherine is Co-Chair of the Bank’s Corporate & Markets Gender Balance Network and also Chair of the UK Network where she is involved in managing a number of initiatives, including organising I&D focussed events, whilst engaging with key stakeholders to grow the bank’s inclusive culture. As part of International Women’s Day, Catherine spearheaded a series of high-impact Women in Business & Finance webinars with a diverse group of industry leading panellists, including female Chairs and CFO’s across the corporate sector, achieving the highest NPS of any bank event. Catherine formally mentors upcoming women within the organisation and is also a UK Representative of the Psychological Safety working group, where she has been developing ideas and taking action to help women feel psychologically safe. Externally, Catherine supports and empowers millennial women through bespoke mentorship and coaching. In 2021, she founded The Women in Business Society, a global membership community providing opportunities for professional females to share knowledge, network & create impactful connections.