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Andrew Eisen is the head of S&P Global Market Intelligence Software Solutions business, which provides industry leading solutions across enterprise data management, syndication, investment management and asset servicing. Andrew and the leadership team launched three new Women’s Career Development and Retention programs which saw hundreds of women enroll for mentoring, sponsoring, and coaching. In addition to directly mentoring 10 women, Andrew has also placed a focus on building recognition of female members of his team and encouraging them to take on a more public persona. In 2021-22, IHS Markit (now S&P Global) has seen a significant increase in female promotions at the VP level and SVP level. 2022 is also seeing an increase in female hires, specifically in the intern program that reached an all-time high of female representation. These outcomes have received public recognition from Mogul Top 100 Workplaces, the Rewards & Benefits Association and Forbes’ list of America’s Best Employers for Women.