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As Woman with a Trans* history and a senior leader within Balfour Beatty, Amanda supports her female colleagues and works to demonstrate that Balfour Beatty is a diverse, inclusive and accepting employer. She is Co-Chair of Balfour Beatty’s Gender Equality network and Chair of their LGBT+ network, both of which she promotes internally and externally through public speaking, running internal events and workshops, contributing to internal media and communications and acting as support and mentor to 3 female staff members and reverse mentoring a female apprentice. Amanda is a member of Balfour Beatty’s D&I working group and has been one of the leads for the company’s approach to International Women’s Day since 2015. She has supported and provided input to  for the company’s Empower course, which helps build confidence and skills for women across the organisation, where she is also a Fairness, Inclusion and Respect ambassador. She is actively involved in the development of policies and guidance in relation to D&I, and regularly contributes to leadership and business unit conferences, speaking on women’s issues and STEM recruitment for women in the organisation. She has also helped many other organisations in their approach to gender equality. Externally, Amanda supports gender equality and women’s rights though mentoring, coaching, public speaking and community work. She is currently mentoring several women and is part of the HERoes mentoring scheme, among others. She has won numerous awards for her work in diversity and advocates passionately for LGBT+ and women’s policing groups.

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