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Alysia founded and is a General Partner at Street Global Venture Capital where an appreciation for diversity’s value is embedded in her firm’s strategy, engagement with the market and standard operational behaviour. Practically speaking, Alysia’s firm engages with more women in business, science and finance than is typical, finds more opportunities because they are diversity-friendly and capitalises on more opportunities because they engage with a wide range of people. Alysia invests globally to improve financial freedom, health, entrepreneurial productivity and economic security, a group of investing themes for empowering women. The firm reinforces embracing diversity in their brand articulation and public media presence. The firm has also done philanthropic outreach and education via online media and public speaking. Externally, Alysia is a UN Global Champion for Women’s Empowerment and Entrepreneurship. She created a radio show that democratised access to advice on entrepreneurship, technology and investing. She advises government ministers from a globally diverse group of countries, both in private and in public forums and has one-on-one relationships with key people and leaders in governments in Africa, Europe, Southeast Asia, the UK, the US and Canada. Alysia also speaks before officials at development forums on economic development and empowerment, and at educational institutions and general public education forums.

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